The mission of Metter College and Career Academy (MCCA) is to prepare all Metter College and Career Academy graduates for local and regional workforce through relevant secondary and post-secondary career training.

Preparing Students for a Career in Technology

The Business Model

The Metter College and Career Academy offers high school students in Metter, Georgia the opportunity to participate in a "business model" learning environment as well as graduate high school with a fully accredited high school diploma. Among the many Pathway Classes offered at MCCA are Graphic Communication and Digital Design. The Instructor at the MCCA Design School is Mr. Tony Lescak, a graduate of The Savannah College of Art & Design with 20 years of Web Design experience. Students learn all of the fundamentals of graphic design as well as how to build a website using only HTML and an image editor. This site serves as a tool for instruction with links to web design resources as well as a platform to showcase student work.

Web Design

Web Design and Print Design practices are included in the Information Technology Career Cluster, Web and Digital Design. The Introduction to Digital Technology class teaches students proficiency in Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. Students learn to build websites using HTML 5. Older versions of HTML are utilized to offer students an understanding of the evolution of HTML as a coding language. Students build the older table based webpages to gain an understanding of defining areas and populating them with content. Students then move on to division based web design and the formatting that facilitates search engine optimization. The World Wide Web Consortium website is used daily to validate students HTML and CSS code.

Print Design

Part of the business model of the Metter College & Career Academy is to be a resource for local businesses through a partnership with The Georgia Grown Innovation Center sponsored by Georgia Southern University. Students learn the skills to create a variety of prepress media such as logos, brochures, newsletters, and package design. Students learn the fundamentals of preparing digital media for output through high end color printers. Accelerated students are given the opportunity to produce our school district's annual color community calendar which provides them with real world experience in creating a publication for print in a deadline oriented work environment.

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